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Bionic ARM!
Hello everybody, i want to do a Marvel vs Capcom 3 Spencer Bionic Arm collab!.

With their attack the Bionic Arm, I think this flash video could become the new falcon punch.

But I can't do it alone so I need help to make it.

The length of video and other things,will be decided when the idea begin to take shape.

Note: I don't have enough quality videos, but I really want to do a collab and I think this may work :D.

A video to motivate: p7bc

I am open to suggestions.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Spencer Bionic Arm Collab

Well the game i was trying to make was easy but make me put too much effort in it, so i decided to redesign from zero the game, and make a new game using some graphics already made, and i think i am doing good.

I attach an pic, more info soon, stay in touch!.

Radical change! over the game

Progress so far

2010-05-20 16:13:14 by indynetgames

Now i am working with the cookie gravity, game over simple and initial setups.

More coming soon!

Hi, there maybe no one read this post, buff, but anyway i'm doing a new flash game, i think its going to be good, attached an picture for ya.

Stay tuned!.

Making my first game in flash